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Daily Paper x Fatboy

The Lamzac O

When it comes to relaxation, Fatboy’s Lamzac O chair is canon. So as summer approaches, we gave the lifestyle icon a Daily Paper makeover.

Together, we developed the quintessential outdoor accessory for summer 2021, a summer we’ve all been waiting for.


Featuring our signature monogram print in a patchwork design, the Lamzac O builds on our latest SS21 Resort collection. But not only is this a stylish companion for the summer, it’s also easy to use.

Weighing only 1kg, our Lamzac O comes in a custom tote bag making it an easy on-the-go accessory. Once you’ve scouted where you wanna chill out, just unfurl the inflatable chair, swoosh it around to fill it up with air – there’s no need for a pump –, seal it, and plunk down for a chilling sesh. And don’t stress, our lovely little seat can hold a weight of up to 150kg.

Check it out!

Daily Paper x Fatboy Lamzac launched on June 11th, priced at $99, available online at Daily Paper and Fatboy and in-stores across Daily Paper stores in Amsterdam, London, and NYC.

Behind the Collab

This collaboration is the continuation of a deep friendship with the Fatboy team, which started with our shared Dutch roots, led us to custom-designed bean bags for Daily our NYC store, and finally, brought us to this joint vision. After a year spent indoors, let’s make some time for community this summer – and why not flex a little while we catch up and catch some rays?

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