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Daily Paper x G-SHOCK: Timemasters

words by Sarah Osei

The Daily Paper collaboration with G-SHOCK, believe it or not, is more than a watch. It’s about time. Indestructible, perpetual, and constantly on the move, there’s a lot to be learnt from time. And at UNITE, we realised that the true timemasters are the ones who spend it in the right company.

“If you wanna go far, you gotta go with your people,” says Delivio, who founded the collective C.R.E.A.M. with his bros Calis, Benny, and Levi. The Amsterdam-based creatives have built a brand that encompasses original fashion, events, and music. From sold out shows to story-telling streetwear collections, C.R.E.A.M. is making their own rules and their city is taking notice.

But the vision runs deeper. When we link up with the crew, they take us out of the hustle that we know C.R.E.A.M. stands for and show us the importance of just being present together. “You gotta be in the now sometimes,” Benny reminds us.

An hour flight away, in London, NSG is the moment. Between global superstardom and the unrelenting grind to unlock new levels, time together is precious. Like C.R.E.A.M., the East-London group have been friends since childhood and understand that to build something of substance you need to put in the time. “You have to make time for things that matter,” they tell us.

If you can learn anything from hanging around in the ends with NSG, it’s that even when the limelight catches up to the vision, it’s the years in the game that you don’t see that make the difference. “Time is everything. Don’t waste my time.”

Starring: @nsg_music and @creamcollective.eu
Filmed & Stills by @trendsafeez
Creative direction: @isaac_tremaine, @trendsafeez
Editor/grade: @milaview
Music: @nsgmusic @bnnyhunna
Talents: @Bnnyhunna, @xdelivio, @calis.n, @le_thunderus, @cream-collective.eu @mxjibnsg, @kruddz_nsg, @dopensg, @ogd_nsg, @mojo_nsg, @nsg_papii
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