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From Africa To The World: An Ode To The Diaspora That Represents Their Culture Across Borders

From Accra to Agadir, Mogadishu to Amsterdam, New York to London and beyond. Celebrating the brand's vision of transcending borders and uniting global communities

Staying true to our global community, we continue to shine a spotlight on Africa and put the diaspora and their inspiring journey on the map.

Paying Homage To The Motherland
Translating the collection's purpose of championing the diaspora around the world, each style is adorned with a visual of a globe held within two hands, spotlighting the African continent. Driven by the aim to break away from the tradition of defined borders, the globe represents global unity in the wider sense.

Students Of The Diaspora
Bringing life to the collection, the campaign explores the inspiring journey of the students of the African diaspora. Both the setting and the props are reminiscent of college days and create alignment with the overall schoolwear look and feel of the pieces, including a college-type varsity jacket and matching sweatsuits.

Campaign Credits
Photography: nvmwendy
Creative Direction: josefadamu
Producer: yinkaa
Stylist: alistkariss
MUA: sshania_slays
Talent: tinkerbellsera, malaye__, toluwalasekojo, _l.aur.a and kalah_christina

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