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Daily Life with Enny

Words by Sarah Osei

The world is watching Enny, the rising South London rapper whose powerful pen-game soundtracked a self-love reckoning in the black community. And while she’s taken to the spotlight in stride the artist is fine with not having it all figured out. “I don’t know what my purpose is. I think the beauty of life is figuring that along the way.”

For the third episode of our Daily Life series, we joined Enny in South-East London for a typical day in her life. She breaks down how her roots, her family and community have made her the woman and artist she is today. “Without the support of my family I don’t think I would have been able to take the risk of doing music,” she tells us. Seeing the “Peng Black Girl” rapper in her home turf that shaped her puts the deeper emotional palette of her music into perspective. 

But even with your community behind you, Enny reminds us that you’re nothing without yourself. “I think my greatest failures were lack of confidence, not believing in what I had to offer,” she says in the studio. “I always quote Nina Simone: freedom is having no fear.”

Here’s the Daily Life in Enny’s own words. 

Listen now to specially curated playlist by Enny via our Apple Music Curator channel: 

Concept by: @isaac_tremaine
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