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Celebrating the Art of the Everyday with Daily Paper x Street Dreams Magazine

Daily Paper joins forces with Street Dreams Magazine on an exclusive capsule collection inspired and influenced by the life of creatives who live to capture the moment. Designed to protect against harsh weather conditions as well as lightness for flexibility in movements, the collection features six pieces uniting unisex sportswear and futuristic outerwear.

Rooted in Daily Paper’s Blog Era
The two brands' storyline goes back to Daily Paper’s blog era in 2008 when Daily Paper Co-Founder Hussein Suleiman and Street Dreams Co-Founder Steve John Irby connected through a mutual interest in street culture. A friendship was born and Irby was featured on the Daily Paper blog as a Street Photographer to watch. They have followed each other's journey ever since and fast forward to 2021, the two brand pioneers are finally reuniting for a joint collaboration.

Celebrating Creativity Across Borders
Based across New York, Vancouver and Tokyo, Street Dreams Magazine serves as a minimalistic canvas that shares the photographic work and stories of artists around the world both digitally and physically through magazine launches, gallery exhibitions, and art shows. Daily Paper and Street Dreams’ common ethos of celebrating creativity across borders is reflected in the brands’ collaborative campaign. The visuals capture the collection in different environments; from the concrete jungle of New York to the natural wilderness in Vancouver.

Uniting Progressive Sportswear with Futuristic Outerwear
Translating cultural evolution into high-quality garments, the collection pieces unite progressive sportswear with futuristic outerwear. The silhouettes take on a black and army green colour combination with lilac detailing across the chest and back; giving the collection a utilitarian and avant-garde yet timeless aesthetic.

Campaign Credits
New York Photos: Steve “Sweatpants” Irby
Vancouver Photos: Donnel Garcia

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