Jun 26, 2020


Alien Luv


Jun 26, 2020

For our Spring/Summer 2020 campaign we imagined how a future society could build the foundations of a new world. The concept motivates us to examine our multiple identities as the continuation of our collective movement into another realm. Combining ancient and future knowledge, all species can have a concept of a home that is endless, inclusive and universal according to Daily Paper.

Written and directed: @fjverdoorn

Based on a idea by: @loisycohen & @indianaromavoss

DOP: @boasvmb

Music: @camillofiorito

Voice over: @indianaromavoss

Producer: @celinebrill & @leviwilbrink

Production company: @cakefilmandphotography

SXF: Becanti Wijnbergh & @boasvmb

Grading: Compound

Sound design: @freekv

Cast: @reillyfreemn, @imaniselina, Aucilia Do Rosario, @ambervanoirschot, @ottawakwami