Daily Life with Muslim Sisterhood

May 23, 2020

Daily Life

Daily Life with Muslim Sisterhood

Daily Life

May 23, 2020

Muslim Sisterhood, founded by Zeinab Saleh, Sara Gulamali and Lamisa Khan, are a London-based creative collective building an inclusive space to highlight Muslim women. Last year we parterned up with the collective to create an editorial centered around the holiday of Eid - and its celebration of coming together and collectivism. It is also an occasion of dressing up in your best clothes as a sign of joy and fresh beginnings.

Shot through the lens of London based film director Rodrigo Inada, we spoke with four sisters about how they celebrated Eid 2020, what Ramadan means to them and how they've experienced the time of stillness and reflection. Capturing the bravery and solidarity shown by these young creatives not only during these times but in daily life.

Jasmin Abdallah

Tell me us a bit about yourself: My name is Jasmin Abrahams and I am a 21 year old poet and artist based in South London. My favourite dish is pasta and pesto and I have a deep love for the Transformers films.

What does Ramadan mean for you: Ramadan for me is a time for self-reflection and looking internally but also establishing and acknowledging what you can do when you put your mind to it and practise discipline. It’s about mending those important relationships in your life- your relationship with your family and God.

What’s your favourite Ramadan or Eid tradition: I always look forward to seeing my family in the kitchen for Suhoor (The meal you eat before your fast begins). Everyone is groggy and trying to make a good meal that will sustain ourselves, but it’s fun, it’s like a little community in itself coming together to eat before this journey together.

Hafsa Adan

Tell me us a bit about yourself: My name is Hafsa, I'm 24 years old and I’m an Architecture graduate of Somali heritage.

What does Ramadan mean for you: Ramadan for me is about spirituality and rebuilding or reassessing my connection to Allah and trying to regain spiritual closeness.

Ramadan is a time for coming together, what does community mean to you: Community for me is important, especially during Ramadan. I live in a big Somali community and everyone’s always ready to help you whether it’s something small like giving you salt when you run out, to helping you fundraise money for charity. There’s a beautiful sense of togetherness.

Salwa Rahman

Tell us a bit about yourself: Salaam! I’m a British Bangladeshi from East London! I'm a freelance beauty director and content creator. My work focuses on breaking down beauty standards, to alleviate the intimidation that big beauty can have on the average consumer and to reintroduce fluidity back into the art of makeup. I also recently started a small collective called BLUEM that seeks to connect and support multidisciplinary creatives at all levels! I’ll also be returning back to studying at the end of the year to further my career in Law. Wahoo.

What does Ramadan mean for you: Ramadan for me means realignment. It’s a time for me to refocus my purpose and intentions back to what drives me at my core which is Islam. I would say that Ramadan in quarantine has been a blessing, it’s provided me with space and time to truly dedicate myself to the teachings of Islam and the sunnah of our Prophet Muhammed (SAW) and through these acts of ibaadat (worship) reinforces my belief in the goodness of humanity and the goodness that lies within myself.

What is your number one tip for modest styling: Layering is your best friend! Plus, there's nothing a big dad blazer won’t fix when you chuck it on.

Douaa El Azizi

Tell me us a bit about yourself: Salam, my name is Douaa, I am currently studying a BA in Fine Art. My hobbies vary from painting, sewing, singing to taekwondo training. I love all things sport-related and have currently found an interest in reading books to do with psychology.

What does Ramadan mean for you: Ramadan for me is an opportunity to self reflect, tune in with myself and turn down the background noise in hopes of growing closer to Allah. It's a time to recharge, build character, repent, learn and In sha Allah continue on with all beneficial knowledge post-Ramadan.

How do you express yourself through modest fashion: My faith is what inspired me to look into modest fashion. It gave me comfort and a stable foundation to explore different styles. Although certain styles contradict the modest element, I enjoyed the challenge of altering and tweaking styles to make them modest. Over the years of exploration and experimentation, my style has become more refined. I have been able to find what works and what doesn’t work for me. In turn, I have been able to develop my identity and this is a result of having gone through trial and error.


Photography and DOP: @t0s_k4

Art Direction: @florian.joahn

Talents: @douaa_el_azizi, @jasmin.abrahams, @urgalsal_ & @hafjan_

Casting & Styling: @muslimsisterhood