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Daily Life with BDE x FLEX

Sometimes it’s only a mother’s prayer and moving with purpose that gets you through another day. That much can be said for West London rap duo BDE X FLEX, who use their community and love of music to propel forward on the daily.

For the second iteration of our Daily Life docu series, BDE and FLEX bring us into their fold by showing us how family and brotherhood sharpen their vision and focus. Because even if the journey as a third-culture kid or as an artist can be a long and hard one, the people around them inspire them to continue to go higher.

BDE X FLEX have been independently charting their path through the music industry, with an “unmatched energy and sound,” as FLEX puts it. Just as their journey has been untraditional, their sound too is nonlinear. “The Sound of BDE X FLEX comes from within,” shares BDE. “It can’t be explained as something formulated through patterns, it’s formulated through heart, will, spirituality, we’re moved by feeling, that’s where the sound is birthed.” By honouring the diaspora around them, the rap duo has created something that’s fresh in London, bursting with steez and vision. It can be felt in bops like “Banton” and in the depth of their live UNITE session with us and the resulting “DP FREESTYLE.”

“There’s a bigger purpose here,” BDE tells us and FLEX agrees: “The journey is a lot bigger than it is right now, there’s a lot of growth.” And for every person who dreams beyond their means, we hope a day with BDE X FLEX will be as inspiring to you as it was for us.

Concept by Isaac Tremaine Kimbugwe @isaac_tremaine
Creative Direction: Isaac Tremaine Kimbugwe @isaac_tremaine, Afeez Amao @trendsafeez
Starring: BDE x FLEX @bdexflex
Director: Rodrigo Inada @t0s_k4
EP: Jackson Forsythe @jacforsythe
Producer: Jackson Forsythe @jacforsythe
DOP: Jack Exton @jack_exton_
1st AC: Oliver Bingham
Photography: Afeez Amao @trendsafeez
Editor: Kamila Daurenova - Forager TV @kamila_daurenova & Caitlin Ricaud @caitlin.ricaud
Colourist: Max Ferguson Hook - Timed Based Arts @maxfergusonhook
Sound Design: Paulo Gallo @paulogallog
Music: BDE x FLEX @bdexflex



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