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Introducing Daily Life

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Regardless of where we’re coming from or where we’re going, this fact connects us. And what we do with that time can make all the difference. If you’ve ever heard the expression “walk a mile in someone’s shoes,” well, what about seeing a day in the life of someone making a difference in your community? Our new Unite series Daily Life does just that.


So, for the first edition of Daily Life, we spent some time with the inspiring Julie Adenuga. The radio personality, DJ, MTV host and entrepreneur has always dared to push boundaries and follow a path that is not written. From hosting Apple’s Beats 1, to going on to host Catfish UK, and creating her own production company Don’t Trust the Internet and keeping family first the whole time, the Rodrigo Inada-directed short film gives a first-hand look into the balancing act that is Julie.

We all have aspirations and dreams but we often lack the guidance on how to move in that direction. At Unite, we believe having that unfiltered insight into people’s lives, their mistakes, their drive, can give us more purpose and direction in our lives. We’ll let Julie take it from here.

"In this new phase of my career, I’ve been very intentional about the brands I choose to work with; and I’ve been a longtime fan of Daily Paper. I think they’re exceptional - their integrity, innovation, quality and how they celebrate blackness.The Daily Life captures different sides of me, many of which were previously unseen. It transcends my career alone and explores the journey of creative a successful personal and business life, as well as what the future holds. Daily Paper not only understood the assignment, they also went above and beyond to create something that feels authentic to both myself and the brand." - Julie Adenuga at the Daily Life Screening Premiere



Starring Julie Adenuga @julieadenuga
Concept by Isaac Tremaine Kimbugwe @isaac_tremaine
Directed by Rodrigo Inada @t0s_k4
Creative Direction: Isaac Tremaine Kimbugwe @isaac_tremaine, Afeez Amao @trendsafeez
Executive Producer: Jackson Forsythe @jacforsythe
DOP: Jack Exton @jack_exton_
1st AC: Oliver Bingham
Stills: Jackson Forsythe & Afeez Amao
Edit: Alex Cid (Baker's Cult)
Colourgrading: Max Ferguson Hook (Timed Based Arts)
Sound Design: Paulo Gallo
Music: Deekapz @bydeekapz

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